History Of Awan Tribe

The Awans who are in substantial numbers all through Hazara, claim that they are relatives of Qutab Shah of Ghazni. About the landing of Qutab Shah in the Sub continent  they additionally assert that he had originated from Hirat in around 1035 A.D and settled in suburbia of Peshawar, while, then again Mr. Brandrith is of the feeling that they are all the more presumably the relatives of the Bactrian Greeks. General Cunningham distinguishes the Awans with JUD, the relatives from an indistinguishable predecessor from the Junjuhas. Other than these cases, some people additionally believe that Awan Karri, to whom this tribe owes its name was a calling rather a race.

Their entrance in Hazara is covered in obscurity. Khakars and Chuhans are the main segments of the Awans around there and the Qazi group of Sikandarpur, a town close Haripur is distinctive among them.

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