History of Hazara Division

The beginning of the name Hazara is Obscure (dark). This regarded source proceeds with: “It has been related to Abisāra, the nation of Abisares, the head of the Indian mountain climbers at the season of Alexander’s intrusion.


The name Hazara has additionally been gotten from Urasā, or ‘Urasha’, an old Sanskrit name for this district, as indicated by Prof. Aurel Stein. Some recognized Indologists including Dr H. C. Raychaudhury, Dr B. N. Mukerjee, Dr B. C. Law, Dr J. C. Vidyalankar, Dr M. Witzel, Dr M. R. Singh and Prof K. N. Dhar agree with Prof. Stein’s recognizable proof of present day Hazara with antiquated Urasa.


Proof from the seventh century Chinese explorer Hiuen Tsang, in mix with substantially prior confirmation from the observed Indian epic, the Mahabharata, authenticates that Poonch and Hazara District of Kashmir had framed parts of old province of Kamboja, whose rulers took after a republican type of government.


In spite of the fact that the area was called Hazara before, it was just made a region of that name, when under the British.

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