Independence: History of Hazara

Independence: History of Hazara


During the British administration, the place of Hazara had shaped part of Punjab region, until the point when the western parts of that region were isolated to frame the new NWFP. The territories around Abbottabad and Mansehra turned into the Hazara District of Peshawar Division, while regions toward the north of this turned into the Hazara Tribal Agency and the Kohistan Tribal Agency. Inserted between Hazara Tribal Agency and Hazara District were the little impressive conditions of Amb and Phulra. This arrangement of organization proceeded until 1950, when these two little states were joined into the Hazara region like various parts of Hazara, for example, (Behali), Manakrai, Girwal, Mohar and so on.


Decline and fall of Karlugh Turks


The last Karlugh Turks leader of Pakhli Sarkar was Sultan Mehmud Khurd. One of his siblings, Sultan Qyas-ud-commotion, was Wali-e-Tanawal (Lower), and the Wali-e-Tanawal (Upper) was Sultan Sahwaj. His sibling Sultan Muqarrab was Wali-e-Dhamtor, i.e. Surge regions of present Abbottabad. Pakhli Sarkar had two other vital governorships. One in the zones amongst Battagram and Thakot controlled by Shamsher Khan and other of Kashmir administered by Sultan Kamal. Both of these governors were close relatives of Turk leaders of Pakhli Sarkar. Around then Kashmir was a part of Hazara PakhliSarkar.


The presentation of Sikh administer into Hazara, initiated after 1818. In this year Kamal Khan, Turk, of Manakrai, killed his kindred chieftain, Hashim Khan (Karlugh) who was otherwise called Hashim Khan lakhay with a specific end goal to snatch position of royalty. Hashim Khan was the child of the ruler Malook khan and grandson of Sultan Mehmood Khurd. Hashim Khan was leader of appx. 84 towns which were later grabbed by the Britishers. The last’s motivation was embraced by the Tarin boss, Muhammad Khan, Mohammed Khan Tareen pushed Kamal Khan to over tossed Hashim khan who was the child of Ruler. At that point Hashim Khan took help of one of his sikh companion general and vanquished mankray again and reclaimed his royal position and murdered Kamal Khan. At his welcome Makhan Singh, the Sikh Governor of Rawalpindi, attacked Hazara with 500 sowars, constructed a stronghold at Serai Saleh, and required tribute from the Haripur plain. Note that Hashim Khan later kicked the bucket in British authority, the majority of his jahgeer ws grabbed and his child Hayat Khan was given 1000 rupees around then as cost by the British. From 1955 to 1970, NWFP area turned out to be a part of West Pakistan under the One Unit arrangement, with the Hazara region shaping part of the Peshawar division of West Pakistan.


Kashmir conflict and contention


Kashmir was the main greatest test for Pakistan, directly after Pakistan’s creation; the Maharaja of Kashmir marked the Instrument of Accession of his state ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ for India. This was not adequate to the Muslim greater part Pakistan. In this way Pakistan Army penetrates its troopers to Kashmir. From Hazara Nawab Muhammad Farid Khan sent a multitude of 1500 Amb State troopers under the initiative of Subedar Major Shah Zaman Khan to participate in the Kashmir Liberation Movement from 1947 to 1948 (Kashmir Conflict). The Amb State drive conveyed its own big guns to the fight. They battled boldly close by other outskirts tribesmen and experienced harsh criticism by the Indian airforce only three kilometers from Baramulla segment. Around 200 Amb State officers lost their lives in the fight. Kashmir Conflict is still under question.

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