History Of Dhund Abbasi Tribe

The Dhund Abbasi came to ancient Pakistan from Egypt, as dealers and shippers in products like textures, aromas and precious stones. Envoys and brokers of the Abbasids came to Taxila, old Pakistan, where they developed a mosque and began lecturing Islam by the request of Caliph Harun al-Rashid around 844 CE. An Abbasi researcher, Abu Fadhal, educated a Kashmiri King Onti Vermon in 882, and he made an interpretation of the Quran into Hindi. This was the main interpretation of the Quran into an Indian dialect. In 1025 CE, Raja Mall of Jhelum, grasped Islam by Mahmud Ghazni and built a post at Malot, Malpur close Islamabad in introduce day Pakistan controlled Kashmir. He passed on in Jhelum.

They built up a province close Delhi in 1232. Sardar Tolak Khan, who came to Kashmir amid the rule of King Zain-ul-Abidin (1423 to 1474), settled in the Poonch zone (now the Bagh District of Azad Kashmir).


In spite of the fact that the tribe follows its underlying foundations back to Abbas, it is more probable that the Dhund Abbasi individuals are dropped from the Abbasid tradition. The relatives of Abbas uprooted the Umayyad rulers and were known as the Abbasids. This tradition administered for a long time from Baghdad, Iraq. The conquest of the Abbasi expanded eastwards crosswise over Afghanistan into the South Asian subcontinent, covering the eastern piece of cutting edge Pakistan.


Abbasid Rule:


The Dhund Abbasi claim to be originated from the Abbasids. An Abbasid general, Zurrab Khan, was given the undertaking to oppress the lord of Kashmir who declined to pay tribute to Afghanistan. He attacked Kashmir and ousted the lord and wedded the little girl of the new ruler. He stayed as a diplomat to the state and inhabited Darab Kot at Kahuta. His child, Akbar Ghae Khan, is the ancestor of all Abbasi tribes, including the Dhond in Murree, Hazara division and Kashmir. The greater part of the tribe lives in the North-West Frontier Province (now KPK), Murree, Islamabad.


In 1021, the mountains were represented by Gakhars who the Dhond Abbasi in the Delhi Area. The Dhond Abbasis had settled in the region since a predecessor Poro Khan touched base in 880 CE. Noh Khan was his child conceived in 900 CE. In 968, Karlal boss, Galler Khan, came to Circle Bakote from south Afghanistan. Dhond Chief Sardar Taeq or Taif Khan met with Sabuktagin, the father of Mehmood Ghaznawi at Kabul in 975 CE and joined his armed force. This union proceeded.

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