Primary Tribes of Hazara


The motive behind this section is just informative and its purpose is not to promote any kind of racism at all. In our view none of the tribe is better/superior than other tribes in any context. Tribes/Families are just there so that we can identify ourselves. The basic objective is to show who/what/where these clans are and where do they stand in the society.

The primary tribes of Hazara are as listed below.

  1. Jadoon Tribe.
  2. Dhund Abbasi,
  3. Gujjar,
  4. Malik,
  5. Tanoli,
  6. Karlugh Turks,
  7. Karlal (known as Sardar).
  8. Syed (Sadaat),
  9. Awan (tribe),
  10. Swati,
  11. Utman Zais,
  12. khawaja Sidique,
  13. Sulemani,
  14. Ghakkar(Rajputs),
  15. Maddakhel,
  16. Kohistanis,
  17. Tarin (or Tareen),
  18. Qureshi,
  19. Mishwani,
  20. Piracha,
  21. Mir,
  22. Mughals,
  23. Tarkheli,
  24. Kashmiri,

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