Sikh Rule

Sikh Rule

Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Durrani manage had debilitated impressively toward the start of the nineteenth century. The Sikhs added Hazara in two phases. Lower Hazara aside from Karlal nation ended up noticeably tributary to the Sikhs, except for the continuous battle against the Sikhs drove by any semblance of Sardar Muhammad Khan Tarin, Shaheed, Bostan Khan Tarin and others of this tribe.

Eventually, Ranjit Singh himself at that point assaulted Hazara and diminished the warring tribes into accommodation, conveying the Tarin boss Muhammad Khan with him, as a detainee, while the Karlals fled to the higher mountains for asylum; and the Sikhs were along these lines ready to repress the whole Lower Hazara .

Ranjit Singh

The Upper Hazara endured a comparative destiny when the Sikhs took Kashmir from the Barakzai Durranis in 1819, except for the Tanawal range, under the initiative of Mir Painda Khan, who was the tribal head of the Hindwal segment of Tanolis at the time and kept up a staunch disobedience to Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Governors of Hazara, which he proceeded after a large portion of the resistance had step by step stopped in different parts from around 1819,and his child Mir Jehandad Khan later emulated his example, and when Sikh power was on the decrease in 1845 Jehandad Khan barred the armies of no under 22 Sikh posts in Upper Tanawal ; and when they surrendered, he saved their lives, as the hirelings of a fallen Empire. These Tanoli boss were the real organizers of Amb (regal state).

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