History Of Gujar Tribe

The Gujars, a blended cast of the Aryans are the most established tenants of Hazara. General Cunningam joins them with Kushans or Yu-Chi, and gives his thought that in the primary century A.D they vanquished Kabul and Peshawar valley under the order their capable boss Kadphises 1, while his child Hima Kadphises broadened his influence over trhe entire of the Punjab and over some southern zones.


His successors attached Kashmir yet because of the assaults by the White Huns in the third century A.D. this tribe (Kushans) began relocating towards the south. In the wake of meandering about a period they built up their control in Rajputana amid the fifth century A.D. what’s more, scattered all through the Sub-Continent. So most likely their entry in the high place where there is Hazara dates from that time.

The Gujars are isolated in to more than one hundred branches, of whom around 45 distinctive swell here. In spite of the fact that in the previous days they were overwhelming in the Haripur Region, now are scattered all through the Division and a noteworthy piece of Mansehra District is their fundamental seat of home.

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