History of Jadoon Tribe

Clan of Jadoon Tribe: an overview


The Jadoon tribe is divided into three sub-tribes.

  • Salar
  • Mansoor
  • Hassa’zai

These tribes are further sub-divided into several smaller clans.

Specialties of Jadoon Tribe:

  • Bravery and hospitality
  • Open Hearted and God gifted abilities
  • Their culture and traditions

The Jadoon are descended from Ashraf also known as jadoon (Gadoon) of the Panni clan of the Ghurghusht Afghan. Panni, Kakar, Naghar and Dawi were four sons of Daney son of Ismail, also known as Ghurghusht. The people of this tribe call themselves jadoons, but Eastern Afghans who change the letter S`h into K`h and “j” into “G” style them Gadoons as the letter J and G are interchangeable in the Pushto language, just as jillani and Gillani are synonyms. The Jadoons were freedom fighters and they showed bravery against their rivals, especially the Sikhs and the British with other prominent Pashtun tribes of the region like the Swati, Tareens Khaji khail and Shilmani. Their leader Sakhi Jan Jadoon had been martyred during the freedom efforts against the Sikhs in the 19th century.

Notable Jadoons of Abbottabad & Swabi

  • Ali Afzal Khan Jadoon (ex law minister KPK,businessman)
  • Malik Qalander Khan Jadoon (worker of Pakistan movement and member of grand jirga of Abbottabad and Malik of Shoaib Zai tribe)
  • Amanullah Khan Jadoon (Minister of Petroleum and Gas)
  • Haider Shah Jadoon (Ex VC, Islamia College, Peshawar)
  • Ahmed Nawaz Khan Jadoon (MD Akbar Group of Industries Pty Ltd, A well-known businessman and a politician of Abbottabad area)
  • Iqbal Khan Jadoon (13th Chief Minister of NWFP)
  • Iqbal Khan Jadoon (Manager Operations, Descon Qatar)
  • Malik Jahangir Khan (late)(Ex-Chairman Town Committee, Nawanshehr)
  • Faqir Khan Jadoon (Late) (Ex-Chief Engineer WAPDA/Saudi Arabia)
  • Suleman Khan Jadoon(Late) (Ex-Dy Project Director, Sandak Project, Quetta)
  • Dr. Najam ul Ghani Khan Jadoon (Renowned Consultant, Physician)
  • Mazhar Ali Khan Jadoon (a very senior government officer at Islamabad)
  • Nisar Safdar Khan (Ex- MPA)
  • Khurshid Azam Khan (Ex-MPA)
  • Tariq Mahmood Jadoon (Associate Professor Ph.D. University of Strathclyde)
  • Haji Yaqoob Khan Jadoon (late) (Ex-MNA)
  • Arshad Jadoon (Renowned Lawyer, President PML(N) Lawyers Wing, Sindh)
  • Ayaz Khan Jadoon (Station Manager, Civil Aviation Authority, Islamabad)
  • Engr. Sultan Khan Jadoon (Nazim UC Dhamtour)
  • Aslam Khan Jadoon (Ex-Chairman PTCL)
  • Ghulam Mustafa Khan Jadoon (Ex District Nazim Abbottabad)
  • Khan Faqira Khan Jadoon Member Legislative Assembly (All India Muslim League 1937)
  • Dr Azhar Khan Jadoon ( Founder of Hira Hospital, Women medical college Nawansher, Women Institute of Technology, A political personality)
  • Ghafoor Khan Jadoon (Former Food Minister of NWFP) from Gandaf Gadoon, Distt. Swabi.
  • Shamroz Khan Jadoon Former minister of NWFP
  • Taj Mohammad Khan Jadoon, well known political and social personality.
  • Haji Javed Khan Jadoon (Bercha Khail) Nazim Serbhana, Former Town Nazim of Bagnotar Town.
  • Haji Maqbool ur Rehman (Ex Nazim UC Sheikh ul Bandi, Vice President PML (N) NWFP)
  • Wali Mohammad Khan (Nazim UC Mirpur)
  • Haji Sarwar Khan Jadoon (Late) Honour of Jadoon Builders & Contrators Association (JBCA) A well known Politacal and Social Personality.
  • Niaz Pasha Jadoon (Chief Editor Daily Shamal)
  • Ahmed Nawaz Khan Jadoon (Chief Editor Daily Chaita, Daily Hazara News)
  • Adeel Sabir Jadoon (Charted Accountant, Ireland)
  • Zaffar Iqbal Khan Jadoon industrialist businessman
  • Dr. Khan Gul Jadoon Director COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad
  • Dr. Amjad Hassan (Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences,  COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Abbottabad, Pakistan)
  • Rizwan Khan Jadoon (Bercha khail) (Telecom Engineer, Founder of Jadoon Telecom Industries, Former Nazim of UC 6 Jamsheed Town Karachi, Former Nazim of PSF FG College Karachi Cantt.)
  • Inayatullah Khan Jadoon politician, industrialist, businessman, Ex-MPA PF-44
  • Saif Ullah Khan Jadoon (Tehsil Nazim, Abbottabad)
  • Prof Dr. Zafar Iqbal Jadoon (Dean, Director & Professor, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Punjab Univeristy, New Campus, Lahore)
  • Brig. Hamayun Khan (Commandant Army School of Air Defence, Malir Cantt, Karachi)
  • Haji Mohammad Aslam Khan Jadoon Author of famous history book of Jadoons “Tareekh Alafgan”
  • Dr. Habib Jadoon (Medical Director of Orush General hospital, Mandian Abbottabad)
  • Nighat Jadoon from Nawanshehr (World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC)
  • Nadeem, Mohammad from Nawanshehr (World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC) Saad Aurangzeb from Nawanshehr (National College Of Art,lahore)
  • Dr. Naseer Khan Jadoon (late) (Rector GIKI, VC BZU)
  • Dr. Zubair Khan Jadoon (Head AWC)
  • Khan Muhammad Azam Khan Jadoon
  • Capt Daryafat Khan Jadoon Shaheed (Banda Said Khan)
  • Musahib Khan Jadoon (late) (Ex Chief Engineer Wapda Power)
  • Abdul Rasheed Khan Jadoon (late) (Ex Chief Engineer Wapda Water)
  • Professor. Shahzada Khan Jadoon (Ex H.O.D Economics Department, GPGC # 1, Abbottabad)
  • Khan Bahadur Jadoon (General Manager Industrial Relations PIA)
  • Flt Lt (R) Abdul Maroof Khan (Ex PRO Shaheen Foundation)
  • Asim Maroof Jadoon (Merchant Mariner)

Notable Jadoons of Haripur:


  • Anwar Khan Jadoon of Kholian Bala, Harripur (Tehsildar (Rtd) Mansehra)
  • Haji Zaid Akhtar Khan Jadoon (Nazim UC Kholian Bala, Distt Haripur)
  • Gul Faraz Khan Jadoon (Manager National Saving Bank)
  • Khan Mohammad Khan Jadoon (Famous Social and Political personality)
  • Saleem Khan Jadoon (Nazim uc BAGRA , HARIPUR)
  • Khan Zada Khan Jadoon ( Revenue Officer )
  • Mansha Khan Jadoon( Minstry Of Defense NRTC )
  • Cap Dr. Safdar Khan Jadoon
  • Nosherwan Khan Jadoon (Exective Manager The Bank of Khyber)
  • Brig Afrasiab Khan Jadoon
  • Taj Muhammad Khan Jadoon (Capt Rtd Pak Navy)
  • Munsif Khan Jadoon (late) of Basti Sher Khan(Ex MPA)


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