History of Karlal Tribe

SARDAR (Karlal) Tribe:

History of Karlal Tribe:

According to Wajab Ul Arz of 1874 aggregated by British experts this tribe all through history endeavored to hold their freedom ,amid Mughal time when the Gakkars were endeavoring to expand their power in the whole lower Hazara the pioneer of Karlal tribe Morcha Kulli Khan around then could kill the Ghakkar boss and held his tribes independence.

Turks were likewise never ready to broaden their power over this tribe despite the fact that getting a charge out of suzerainty over substantial part of Pakhal Sarkar at that time.In Durrani period no endeavor was made by Afghan rulers to stifle their domain .However when the Sikhs Captured bring down Hazara they attempted to pick up contol over whole lower Hazara including Karlal region.

In 1822 Ranjit Singh sent an expansive compel under well-known General Amar Singh Majitta which was crushed by karlals with extraordinary butcher. Amar singh was additionally killed by karlal .Lepel Griffin writes in his book about this skirmish of Sumandar khata.


“Because of the sheer size of the Sikh Army, the nearby assistants of Sardar Hassan Ali Khan were reluctant in proceeding with this encounter with the Sikh Army.But regardless of their aversion, they kept keeping an eye on their positions and propelled their intermittent attempt at manslaughter strikes on the Sikh strengths. It was the maxim of the Karlal tribe that Our Mountains are our Forts.

It was not in this way simple for the Sikh powers to battle the Karlals in the mountains.One night, when the Sikh Army was resting in their tents, Sardar Hassan Khan Karlal made an unexpected assault on them. Once more, the Sikh Army was gotten ill-equipped. Sardar Amar Singh was resting in an adjacent house with some other Important Army officers.

The Mujahedeen (Karlals) encompassed the house and separated the entryway of the house with tomahawks. On observing the conditions, Sardar Amar Singh took his weapons and turned out with his different officers out of the house and began consulting with the Mujahedeen on this odd minute. TheMujahedeen did not hear him out or the others and slaughtered him and his different officers. One of the dead was his sibling Sardar Hari Singh.

This episode occurred on the banks of Samandar Kath which is a tributary of the River Haro.And Sikh armed force was not ready to take their dead bodies for 3 days.After 3 days they send jirga to Karlals and asked for to enable them to take their armed force’s dead bodies along wid Amar Singh Mijeta.”


From 1822 to 1845 Karlal tribe battled many fights with Sikhs and could hold its autonomy all through Sikh period. In 1844 by and by Lahore Dardar sent an extensive drive under Diwan Mulraj and Hari Singh to quell Karlal nation, again exploiting their troublesome land landscape Karlals could vanquish Sikh armed force at put called Nah and murdered more than 150 Sikh officers.


Amid the British time frame at the season of insurrection in 1857 this tribe endeavored to rebel against the govern of East India organization however britishers could detain Karlal boss Sardar Hassan Ali Khan and numerous double-crossers of this tribe were hanged alongside some Dund tribesmen(Mutiny Reports 1857 Hazara District).

British needs to set up five cantonments of Bara Gali,Nathia Gali,Dounga Gali ,Changlagali in the little Karlal domain to keep this tribe quelled alongside the development of street which began promptly after war of autonomy of 1857.


Amid the season of Indian freedom development whole Karral tribe joined the flanks of Muslim League and endeavor hard for the making of Pakistan.In the decisions of 1946 battled on the single purpose of division of India, individuals of this tribe were precursors in vanquishing congress hopefuls who had the support of more masses tribes like Jadoons and Sawatis.

The Karlals of Berin Gali had acclaimed Sologan “Mundiyaan katasan,Pakistan banasa”. Actually the delegate and pioneer of this tribe around then Captain Sardar Zain Muhammad khan MLA was not just ready to overcome equal congress competitor from Abbottabad,s just supporters around then however had the pleasure of speaking to whole District Hazara in the memorable Delhi Muslim League Parliamentarians Convention which under the administration of Quaid-e-Azam at last voted in favor of division of India and making of Pakistan.

Prominent Karlals


Prominent individuals of the Karlal tribe:


Sardar Hassan Ali khan Karlal (Leader of Diwal Manal and A solid resistance against Sikh Rule in Hazara who got substantial misfortunes from Karlals, He was pioneer of the Karlal tribe against the British in The War of Independence 1857.)


Sardar Muhammad Khan jagirdar (Leader of Darban and A solid restriction against Sikh Rule in Hazara who got overwhelming misfortunes from Karlals)


Chief Sardar Zain Muhammad Khan(First class OBI in first world war, Winning applicant of Pakistan Muslim League 1945,Khan of Abbottabad, Titled “Khan Bahadur”)


Sardar Baba Haidar Zaman Khan (Chief of Karlal, Founder of Tehreek-e-Sooba-Hazara).


Mr. Equity Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan (Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan)


Sardar Ayaz Sadiq (Speaker National Assembly)


Dr.Irfan of Berin gali (Ist Ph.D of shape karlal tribe as well as from Galiyat.)


Sardar Muhmmad Aslam Khan Advocate(Twice individual from upper house “senate”,Thrice President District Bar Abbottabad,President PPP Hazara 1967-77)


Dr Sardar Haider Zaman (Ph.D, Urban and Regional Planning, Awarded Personality of the year 2003, Social specialist and Consultant for Asian Development Bank and other multi-parallel offices. Creator of many reports on arranging and social welfare. Exhorted NWFP and FATA governors, as of now heads various foundations in NWFP and Kashmir.)


Nasir Rehman karlal of Bunj,Berin gali(Ist individual who presents the historical backdrop of karlal on internet).

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