Population of Hazara Division

Hazara Population: An analysis

The number of inhabitants in the Hazara location was evaluated to be more than 4.5 million of every 2005. The aggregate territory of Hazara is 18013 km²:


Hazara district: Statistics


  • Region; Abbottabad, Area (km²) 1802, Population (2Million)
  • Region; Batagram, Area (km²) 1310, Population (1 Million)
  • Region; Haripur , Area (km²) 1763, Population (1 Million)
  • Region; Kohistan, Area (km²) 7581 Population (0.8Million)
  • Region; Mansehra, Area (km²) 5957, Population (2.4Million)


Socioeconomic and society

The region is generally populated by the Híndko individuals, who talk the Hindko dialect as their native language, and by the individuals who communicate in Pashto. Pashto is talked in Batagram and Tor Ghar locale, 65% of the number of inhabitants in Mansehra speaks Hindko while the vast majority of the rest of the people communicates in Pashto.

Kohistani is talked in Kohistan, while in western side of kohistan pashto is talked. In all the bumpy ranges of Abbottabad and Haripur regions a great many people speak Potohari and some of Gujjar tribes now and again utilize [[Gojri].

On the whole, as indicated by the 2001 Census of Pakistan, Hazara has an ethno-phonetic larger part of Hindko-speakers of around 60% though around 40% talk different dialects (Pushto, Potohari, Gojri, and so forth.).

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